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The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are called to serve the needs of all; especially the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded in the society. "As Christ was sent into the world by the Father, so we are sent by the Church to serve especially the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded... (Constitutions No. 7)
Parish Pastoral Ministry
Following the tradition of our Congregation and the call of the Church, we proclaim God's love in our ministry among those who do not yet know Christ and His Church. (Constitutions No. 9)  As MSC Sisters, we are involved in pastoral care in diverse settings.  We can be found doing ministry in Parishes and Dioceses.
We serve as teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools and are involved in catechesis and religious education. 
Health and Aged Care 
Our sisters provide a variety of services to the spiritually, physically, and mentally disadvantaged. We are present in clinics, nursing and aged care homes, hospitals and other healing ministries.
Social Work                   
We are called and sent into the world to make known the love and kindness of God our Father, revealed in Jesus Christ, and to give our lives in service to His people. (Constitutions No. 3)
Special Ministries                                                                                      
Sisters are engaged in ministry to migrants, handicapped and special needs’ persons, unwed mothers, disadvantaged women, abandoned or neglected children and the elderly, people on the move (circus ministry), those contemplating suicide and those needing counseling and/or spiritual support.
We, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, are called to be sent as Jesus was sent.
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