The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are called to serve the needs of all;  especially the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded in the society.

Ministry for Women and Children - PNG

Young Women’s Hostel and Child Care Facility in Port Moresby, PNG: 

MSC sisters in Papua New Guinea are in the final stages of preparing to open a newly constructed Centre which will provide safe housing for young women who come to Port Moresby for studies or work and a Day Care Facility for young children. This project was developed in response to the needs and priorities identified in the National Pastoral Plan of the Bishops in PNG and Solomon Islands developed at the General Assembly of the Church of PNG in 2004.  It states that “…. as Church we are committed  to empowering  people  towards  greater  self-reliance, ensuring  justice in employment conditions and opportunities and ensuring respect for the rights of all but especially women and children.” 

Bellary School-India

In Bellary, a town located north of Bangalore, the MSC sisters are living among and interacting with Hindu people to promote better understanding between Hindus and Christians. The sisters also offer value based education for children through a school which they have gradually built up over the last seven years, giving special attention to the development of girls and nomadic children in the area.

Circus Ministry

Two MSC sisters from the U.S. province have been engaged in ministry to circus people for the past 12 years. Through their witness and support of these people on the move, the sisters provided a Christian presence among the circus community. (This ministry is sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) For more information visit


Women Hostels-India

MSC sisters in India are responding to the needs within their society for safe living environments for working women and students. The sisters sponsor hostels in Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala where they also provide support and encouragement to women who are trying to improve their lives.