JPIC Actions for June 2020

Bringing to our awareness the sufferings who are being abused through human trafficking.

                                                                                        La toma de conciencia de los sufrimientos de las víctimas de la trata de personas.

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A message of consolation

A message of consolation from the International Council - Laity of the Chevalier Family in English, Spanish and French

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General Chapter 2020

The 2020 General Chapter, a congregational gathering of our MSC leaders and elected members from the various provinces and district will take place in Nemi, Rome in June 2020.

The theme from our 2019 General Conference in Manila was chosen as the General Chapter theme “Afire for God’s Mission in Today’s World”. 

The focus of the General Chapter will be the mystic and prophetic dimensions of our vowed life, the call of encountering ‘the other’ and our commitment to new ways of intercultural living. We strive to grow in our awareness of the cries of today’s multicultural world and to be witnesses of the Gospel. 

May the Spirit guide us on this journey towards the General Chapter.

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