We are called to personally experience God's unconditional and merciful love, revealed in Jesus Christ. Inspired by this love, we live out a "Spirituality of the Heart", a way of looking upon the compassionate Jesus of the Gospel, who loved us with a human heart. Our mission is to make this love known, especially among the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded. (Constitutions No. 7)


“Our mission is nourished and sustained by our personal experience of God's compassion.”(Constitutions No. 54)   This compassion when experienced, interiorly recognized and deepened through our own inner silence and scripture reflections, enables us to go forward into mission wherever we are - renewed, re-energized and sustained by God’s presence . . .  “ a power working within us that can do infinitely more than we can ever ask or imagine.” (Eph.3:16ff)   "Prayer becomes all-powerful when united with the sentiments of Jesus'  Heart, and when we imitate the example he gave us."     - Fr. J. Chevalier -


We live out our consecration in and through our community united by the same faith, the same vocation and the same mission. (Constitutions No. 47) The MSC Sisters are challenged to respect and cherish the richness that flows from differences in culture and to strive for unity in diversity.  While respecting the diversity of gifts and individual personalities, mutual love and trust unite the MSC Sisters in the service of one mission, empowering one another to make a fruitful contribution to the mission of the Church in today's world.




   The internationality of our Congregation is a gift, a richness lived out concretely in our provinces and districts with a        variety of cultures and traditions.

  Genadmin180.jpg    GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 

The present Congregational Leadership Team was elected at the 17th General Chapter for a period of six-years 2014-2020. The Generalate is in Sutri, Italy where a small permanent community is also resident. The members of the Congregational Administration Team are: Congregational Leader: Sr. Barbara Winkler;  Councilors: Sr. Bonaventura Kim; Sr. Nicola Sprenger, Sr. Juana Valera; and General Treasurer: Sr.Blanca Modino. (Photo: Members of the Generalate community.)

NEW FOUNDATIONS                                              

Since the very beginning of the congregation, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart have been faithful to the spirit of their founder, Fr. Hubert Linckens, MSC who reminded them that “For this Heart you are in the midst of the world.”  The MSC sisters have ventured beyond their borders to new countries where they began new missions in response to the needs of the time. Even today new beginnings and foundations are being undertaken in the midst of the declining resources.